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Old Firehouse & Redington Avenue

In Memory and Honor of all our Brother Firefighters and EMS personnel that were injured or lost their life on September 11th, 2001 because of the ludicrous nonsensical tragedy that never should have happened. A Good and Kind God has a far better plan for those lost. We applaud your continuing search, rescue and recover efforts. Hold your heads high as you are some of Americas finest.
May god be with all. Our prayers are with everyone.


Please plan to play in
The "Scott Cole / Lyle Wisel Memorial Golf Tournament" at Corey Creek Golf Club.

For more information contact Marshall McNeal @ 297-3612. Shotgun start - Captain & Crew.

2010 FUND RAISER: Please click here to print out the Fund Pledge Form. After you print it, simply fill out the form completely and send it and your donation to:
Oscoluwa Engine and Hose
88 Fire House Drive
Troy, PA 16947

Note: After you print out the form, simply click your browser's back button to return to the Troy Fire Department Website. And Thank You For Your Donation.

HISTORY: The department was chartered on July 6, 1871 under the name of Oscoluwa Engine & Hose Company #1, aka; Troy Volunteer Fire Department with 33 active members. There have been 80 chiefs and a present membership of 100 fire fighters.
     The first station was in the same location as the current Krise's Tire. All equipment was loss during a flood in the early years (actual date unknown) which consisted of a horse drawn steamer later found in the creek near Kozy Kitchen Restaurant.
     There are currently two station; the main station is in Troy which was completed in 1994. Station #2, a satellite station, is located in West Burlington at the County Manor.

COVERAGE: There are 179 square miles of territory in the fire coverage area consisting of 9 municipalities; Troy Boro and Twp., Burlington Boro & West Burlington Twp., Columbia Twp., Armenia Twp., Springfield Twp., Sylvania Boro, and Granville Twp.

BUDGET: The department operates on a $145,500 per year budget with municipal contributions of $98,278. The balance is raised by the department through fund raising and donations. Our current debt load for apparatus and station expense is $662,000.00.

ALARMS: The department answers an average of 350 alarms per year; 20 -30 structures, 10-15 grass/brush fires, 10-15 car fires, 15-20 Life-Flight landings, 30-45 mutual aid, 5-10 gas/smoke investigation, 20-25 automatic alarms, 5-10 hazardous situation, 10-15 rescues and 15-20 ambulance assistance and 15 miscellaneous totaling approximately 4500 hours of man power. Training and station activities comprise approximately 1500 hours per year.
     Losses have totaled as high as 10 million dollars in a year.

MEETINGS: The department meets once a month. The board of directors consisting of the 3 Chiefs, President, Secretary, Treasurer and 5 elected directors also meets once a month. Each municipality has the right to have a representative attend the directors meetings.

EQUIPMENT: We have 3 pumpers, 2 brush truck, 1 ATV,
1 rescue truck, 2 tankers.

COST: Cost to equipment 1 fire fighter with NFPA approved turn-out gear (bunker) is $2,800.00 and if you supply him with an approved air-pack at $4,000, plus incidentals, the total cost is $6,000 and up each. Each active fire fighter is required to have a set of gear. 

DONATIONS: The average active volunteer fire fighter drives his own personal vehicle 1,000 miles per year to alarms, training, meetings, etc.
     At the standard government allowance of.$.45 per miles this equates to an annual donation of $450.00 per volunteer.

AUXILIARY: The department has a 14 member ladies auxiliary that support the department via fund rasing activities. They also supply refreshments on the fire ground when possible.

MISC: On the fun side, the department has marching unit which participates in most of the local parades and contest team which compete in firematics during the summer months at various location in New York and Pennsylvania.


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